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There’s never been a tougher time to work in employment services. But we can’t give up now. We need to be responsive and supportive and build meaningful and transformational relationships, not focus on minimal contact and tick-the-box transactions. It’s time to do things differently.  

Welcome to The Way Finders Network

We know that working in employment services is both rewarding and challenging.


We know your case-loads are high.


We know that disengaged clients need extra support.


We know there are always competing priorities.


We know how hard it can be to find your way.

But we also know that anything is possible with a Way Finder on your side.

We’ve been working in employment services since 2006 and we realised how important a support network is for people working in the industry.

That’s why we created The Way Finders Network.

When you join our global community of Way Finders, this is what you can expect…

We’re the first to admit it’s not ‘avoiding’ if it’s research, so jump in and see how much you can learn from our bloggers and soft skills experts.

Listen to our CEO Maria get the inside scoop on what employers are looking for and how to get the best outcomes for your job seekers.

From free webinars to the full ‘box-and-dice’ training, there is so much you can do to build your skills and improve professional development for you and your team.

We know our programs work, but don’t just take our word for it.

Everyone loves a freebie! Get access to our best tools, tips and resources here.

Help us change the narrative in Employment Services.

A message from our CEO Maria Smith

When you’re a Way Finder, you’re part of a global movement of people committed to creating incredible outcomes for jobseekers, helping them to build a bridge from where they are now to somewhere better. We connect people with their purpose and passion – empowering them to listen to their heart and live their lives from there. And that’s what The Way Finders Network is all about. If you work in the employment services sector, we have created this space just for you. We understand the challenges you face in helping people gain meaningful employment, but we also know that with the right tools, techniques and training even the most disengaged, can find their way.

When you join our community, you will have access to expert soft skills training, the best tips and tools to help you improve outcomes and ways to better engage with job seekers. There are also opportunities for you to connect and learn from others that have had incredible success with our programs.

We are so excited you’re here and can’t wait to be a part of your Way Finder journey!

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