Reduce Your Risk: Tips to Manage COVID19 Stress

by | Jul 2, 2020 | 4 Minute Read, Blogs

Uncertainty. It has a huge impact on our thoughts and behaviours, and can lead to fear and frustration. Worst case, it can have a significant impact on our mental health. So how can we provide certainty when we just don’t have all the answers?

I’ve been riding a rollercoaster of emotions over the past few months, and you probably have been too! We’re all travelling down a long road of uncertainty, with very little idea of what the world will look like in the future. But, I do know that we will be okay because we’re all travelling together.

Certainty is a very powerful tool. When we have certainty, we feel more in control and we know what to expect. For people that are experiencing stress, frustration and overwhelm, a little bit of certainty can go a long way to reducing their worries. 

If you or your colleagues and clients are in need of a little certainty-boost right now, here’s what I’m sure of:


It's Normal

Feeling worried and anxious is normal when we don’t have all the information we need or when there are things we can’t control.

Take a Break

Media coverage of COVID-19 is constant. Limit your intake of information, use social media wisely and follow trusted sources when you need the details.


Reach Out

There are people around you that can support and assist you. You can always ask for help, and you can offer support to others.

Find Perspective

 Focus on what you can control, rather than what you can’t and take life one day at a time. Self-care is essential right now, so practise some daily activities that focus on you.


Stay Connected

Whatever your situation, it’s essential you stay connected with family, friends and your colleagues. Technology is a great tool; use it!


Routine Matters

Try and stick to a regular routine. Get up and go to bed at the same time, exercise and eat well.

Look for Good

It’s not all doom and gloom. There are good news stories out there. Share and acknowledge the kindness of others and practise kindness yourself.

We’ve turned these into a handy Mental Health REDUCE YOUR RISK First Aid Poster. Grab a copy and keep it at your desk as a quick reference tool when you’re talking with clients or your colleagues. It’s great for friends and family too. 

And if you feel you need more help with managing your energy and stress levels and being more effective at work and at home, our coaching program INSPIRING RESILIENCE will give you all this and more.

You’ll spend an hour each week in a live group coaching call with me over a six-week block, and we’ll work through my 6 key strategies for building resilience in yourself and others. I’ll keep you accountable through email and SMS actions, so the learning is deeply embedded, and we build up your resilient brain.

Check it out here:

About the Author

Maria Smith

Way Finder, Thought Leader, Rule Breaker

Maria has been delivering soft-skills, employability skills and job readiness training to the long-term unemployed, as well as professional development to consultants and leaders within employment services sector in Australia and internationally since 2006.

Maria is passionate. Her mission is to ignite human potential and help people find what it is that gets them excited to live every day.

Maria’s unique knowledge in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Positive Psychology have been the corner-stone of our Bounce training programs which are successfully delivered in Australia, the US and New Zealand.

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