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The must-have professional development certificate 
for anyone working inside employment services.

 Coaching for change.

The role of an employment consultant is highly demanding and at times, extremely stressful. There are so many challenges to overcome – high caseloads, disengaged clients with complex needs, competing priorities and pressure to get great results. It can be easy to lose confidence, motivation and enjoyment in helping people find their way.

But what if there was a way to help your clients get great outcomes every time you met with them?

Bounce Job Coach is Australia’s first and only coaching certification designed specifically for employment consultants, recruiters and career counsellors who want to support their clients to:

Build their confidence and clariety
around their goals.

Shift the negative beliefs and blocks they have.

Unlock their purpose and ignite their potential.

Chase their dreams & find sustainable employment 

The new way to work.

Bounce has created Bounce Job Coach Certification for employment consultants, case managers, career counsellors, recruitment consultants and career advisors as a way of boosting client engagement and activating the workforce.

This fully customised training program gives consultants all the coaching skills they need to motivate their clients to realise their potential, help them discover their purpose and move into sustainable employment faster and more effectively than ever before. 

The Bounce Job Coach Certification course includes 12 hours of intensive, immersive, inspiring coaching and mentoring, delivered by experienced Bounce Trainers. Throughout the course, participants are evaluated and given real-time feedback on their understanding of the content and the effectiveness of their skills. 

The Job Coach Certification System

Participants will master the four modules of the Bounce Job Coach Certification. These dynamic learning modules focus on the key areas of positive psychology and emotionally intelligent behavior change that work with even the most challenging clients.

Through this certified course, participants will be trained in the most effective methodologies that demonstrate how powerful soft skills can change the way consultants work with and support their clients. Each module in the course leads on from the last, using a holistic approach to understanding and influencing behaviour change.

The skills that you will obtain mirror the skills that we train our Bounce trainers in, which means that you will have the capabilities of coaching your clients in a similar way to our Bounce accredited and non-accredited programs.

Scientifically backed, expertly executed.


All of our programs feature the most accurate and effective scientific research on human behaviour and how it relates to behaviour change. We take on challenges with a multi-disciplinary approach using techniques and strategies that centre around cognitive behavioural therapy, positive psychology, emotional intelligence and behavioural economic insights and nudging.

The learning is only the beginning. 

In order to obtain Bounce Job Coach Certification you must complete the pre-requiste training program
The PEARLS System for Outstanding Job Coaching. 

When you complete Bounce Job Coach Certification you will have developed and enhanced your coaching skills to an advanced and professional-level. 

You will learn: 



How positive self-awareness strategies help override negative emotions and support a growth mindset – for both you and your clients.


Emotional Intelligence

To build your emotional intelligence so you can remain cool under pressure and calm when times are stressful.


The Three C's

The three most valuable communication techniques to develop rapport and build trust with clients using our 7 unique rapport building techniques.   


Elegantly Influence

How to influence behaviour change using evidence-based, proven models. We teach nudges, language patterns and communication tools that get real results, every time.


Flip It

To use our “Flip-It” strategies to help clients overcome the blocks and barriers that are holding them back, and turn unresourceful into resourceful. 


Strengths Spotting

Discover the secrete power of strengths and how they will help your clients build confidence and see themselves in an entirely new way.  


Language of Influence

Use our specially developed Language of Influence system to ask great questions, make effective suggestions and select the right words and successfully frame the way we give information.


Scripts & Templates

How to use expertly crafted, proven-to-work scripts to gather the most important information from clients which will give insight and understanding into their model-of-the-world.

And we’ll show participants exactly how to motivate people that don’t want to change. Consultants will be able to inspire their clients to see their own potential and discover their purpose so they can move into employment or further training with confidence.

Testimonials from our Job Coaches

Being a new consultant in the industry, I found it difficult to build rapport with some clients. Since completing the Bounce Job Coach Certification, it has become much easier and has had a huge impact on the progression of rapport building.  

I was deeply impacting during the course while learning about the tools that will enable me to effectively service our clients, without taking on the mental stressors that may arise. This has had an emotional impact on me and has re-energised and motivated me to bring my best self to work every day. 

Tania Mansell, MADEC

“I really thought I had great communication skills and that I could relate to people before…but now I can really make a difference because I’m not just listening, I’m coaching. I am suggesting and nudging and I’m not doing so much for them anymore and trying to get them on board.  I’m able to let them find the answers for themselves through some clever nudging, and because of that I think it makes more change because they see the solution themselves.

Shay Campbell, MADEC


I have definitely used this (the learnings from Bounce Job Coach Certification). First appointment back I had one of my more difficult clients and had to use your training and surprise, surprise it worked!! I learnt more in 20 minutes about him then I had in 6 months by using some of the techniques I learnt at the Bounce Job Coach Certification. I have recommended your training to everyone!


Shane Bowen, MADEC

I'm ready! How do register for the program?

You can register you interest in the Bounce Job Coach Certification by sending us an email to and we will advise when the next program will be available. 

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