Inspiring Resilience

Coaching through change

An interactive six-week program that harnesses the power of live group coaching and mentoring to give you the skills to bounce back stronger and more determined in the face of adversity

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Join group coaching calls with Maria every Wednesday at 11am for 6 weeks.

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How resilient are you?

Do you need more time in each day?

Do you feel like you don’t have enough energy for your work, family and community? 

Are you experiencing fatigue when it comes to juggling work & life?

Lead by Bounce Australia CEO & Founder, Maria Smith

Inspiring Resilience has been carefully crafted to give you all the tools and strategies you need to face life’s challenges. It will help you lean into your strengths and spread the load across your day so you can do more of what you enjoy. 

The program features six live 1-hours coaching calls that take place at a scheduled date and time and follows the six-step Bounce Resilience Builder method covering these topics:

Living a resilient life

Understand the brain and how it works to build resilience.

Fill up your cup

Create a daily action plan using your strengths so you can get the most out of every day.


Unlocking energy

Identify what energises you & do more of what gives you joy.   

Building resilience in others

Be the wellbeing coach in your work and with your family & friends. 


Communicating with care

Specific steps to engage your internal processes to make your messages clear and concise. 

Become a powerhouse of influence

How to engage with people on a really deep level.

How do we pave an optimistic & positive way forward for ourselves & the people around us?

During times of uncertainty, it’s easy to feel overcome by negative emotions and feelings of helplessness. Fear, sadness, overwhelm and frustration are just some of the feelings that arise from challenging times.

Right now, we need to be resilient. Resilience is the ability we have to bounce back stronger and more determined in the face of adversity and now more than ever; we need to lean into it to help see us through.

Through this interactive coaching course you will learn:

About the stages of change, how uncertainty impacts our thoughts and behaviours, and how to provide certainty when we don’t have all the answers.
How to fill up your cup and lean on your values and beliefs to help you override negative emotions and practise regular self-care.
To build your emotional intelligence so you can remain cool under pressure and calm when times are stressful.
Essentials skills for building confidence, making decisions, prioritising tasks and taking back control of work and life.
Practical strategies to support others and build their resilience through empathy, active listening, and providing options.
How to influence behaviour change using evidence-based, proven models. We teach nudges, language patterns and communication tools that get real results, every time.

Here’s what people have to say about the course:

“I was struggling to find a balance between work and family, feeling that I was failing in both areas. I was being very critical of myself and not working very constructively. Now, I stop and take the time to listen to my body. I feel so much more connected to my emotions and energy levels.  I’d recommend the program for anyone that feels that there are not enough hours in the day. The ability to stop, take a moment and put things into perspective is invaluable.”

- J.Driscoll

“So many thanks to you, Maria and your power and gift of speech! I have already started coaching with my clients, and I’m having an awesome time mind-shifting!”
- D.Markovski

“My role as a case manager for an Employment provider is very much about keeping people ‘up’, so the techniques shown to fill my cup were great, and they work! Before the course, I was time poor, taking everything too personally and giving out way too much empathy. I am a lot more energised now as I have started walking every day (a big first for me!). I look forward to this now, and it does fill my cup. I loved the course. I loved the switch it turned on for me. I will certainly recommend it to anyone working in employment services.”
- Anon.

What’s included:

One hour of live group coaching & mentoring over the phone with Maria at a set time over six weeks.
Accountability coaching and support via text or email that you stick to train your resilient brain.
“Ask a question” function – get real-time feedback on your biggest problems.
Downloadable tools and templates relevant to each topic, such as the Stages of Change Quiz, the Essential Self-Care Guide, Values & Beliefs Assessment, PEARLS System to Coaching and pre-planned scripts for effectively engaging clients.


When you complete the program, you’ll receive Bounce’s Little Book of Inspired Resilience to help you regularly refer back to.
It’s full of beautiful images, motivational advice and inspiring tips that Maria uses herself to build her own resilience.

Got a question? Send a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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