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Listen to our CEO Maria Smith get the best industry insights and advice from top recruiters, HR experts and business managers in our podcast series. Each month we release a new podcast featuring interviews from a wide range of industry leaders who will explain what they are looking for when recruiting, how to prepare candidates effectively and share their best tips for anyone seeking meaningful employment. Job seekers and job finders will also share their experiences with Maria, so we’ve got the full spectrum covered.

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Episode 1: Culture First, Skills Second

Guest: Windsor Main, Site Manager of Edlyn Foods | Interviewer: Maria Smith | Time: 30 minutes

In the first episode of The Way Finders Podcast, Maria talks with Edlyn Foods Site Manager, Winsor Main about what employers are looking for when recruiting staff and how Edlyn are shaking things up when it comes to staff retention.

Episode 2: Blazing the trail

Guest: Renae Lowry, Executive General Manager of Employment & Training, Matchworks | Interviewer: Maria Smith | Time: 40 minutes

In this episode of the Way Finders Podcast, Maria speaks with Renae Lowry, Executive General Manager of Matchworks about her own journey from employment consultant to GM of one of the country’s most successful employment agencies. Renae shares her insights from a leadership point-of-view and gives some fantastic advice for anyone thinking about progressing a career in the industry.

Episode 3: Dream Bigger

Guest: Stuart Murray, Creative Director of Pillowfort Creative | Interviewer: Maria Smith | Time: 25 minutes

Stuart Murray knew what he wanted to do, he just needed the right support to help him find his way.

In this episode of the Way Finders Podcast, Maria talks with a previous Bounce program participant and job seeker who was give all the tools and strategies he needed to start his own business after years of being unemployed and struggling with his mental health.

Episode 4: Skill verses Will

Guest: Simon Cox, Managing Director of SONAC, Maryborough | Interviewer: Maria Smith | Time: 35 minutes

Employer insights are incredibly valuable when it comes to job seeker placement. In this episode, Maria chats with Simon Cox, Managing Director of SONAC Maryborough, about all things recruitment and how employment consultants can best prepare their clients for work.

Episode 5: Be Relentless

Guest: Stacey Dutschke, Victorian State Operations Manager of Job Prospects | Interviewer: Maria Smith | Time: 28 minutes

Fiercely passionate and relentlessly committed to incredible outcomes are some of the best ways to describe Job Prospects Victorian State Operations Manager, Stacey Dutschke. In this episode, you’ll hear Maria talk with Stacey about what makes her so inspired by the work Job Prospects is doing and how they are making a huge difference to their clients’ lives.

Episode 6: Café Culture

Guest: Jenny Barnett, CEO of ETC | Interviewer: Maria Smith | Time: 26 minutes

As the CEO of ETC, Jenny Barnett knows first-hand how valuable it is to invest in people. At ETC, they have created a strong culture around their people and are committed to investing in the skills and training needed to help their staff provide incredible customer service.
In this episode, Maria chats with Jenny about some of the unique ways they are supporting and engaging their staff, which has resulted in improved outcomes for their clients and created new experiences for their job seekers.

Episode 7: Keeping it Real

Guest: Alison Butler, Employment Services Co-ordinator for the Work for the Dole Program of WDEA Works | Interviewer: Maria Smith | Time: 34 minutes

Alison Butler knows exactly what it’s like to be a job seeker. After feeling the despair of being made redundant, she took a leap of faith and started her Way Finding journey in employment services.
As the Employment Services Co-ordinator for the Work for the Dole program at WDEA Works, Alison is passionate about helping people realise their strengths, discovering what motivates them and helping them find a meaningful purpose. In this episode, Maria and Alison explore what is truly inspiring about the work Alison does and how her infectious personality really does engage the disengaged.

Episode 8: Live with Purpose

Guest: Robyn Reeve, Employment Consultant of Centacare Ballarat | Interviewer: Maria Smith | Time: 30 minutes

In this episode, Maria speaks with Centacare Employment Consultant Robyn Reeve about what it’s like on the frontline working with job seekers. She has some incredible insights and powerful stories to share about how to create deep and meaningful relationships.

Episode 9: Find the Gold

Guest: Amanda Simpson, Bounce Trainer for Jesuit Community College | Interviewer: Maria Smith | Time: 27 minutes

We’re back for another Way Finders Podcast and in this episode Maria talks with Amanda Simpson who was a former job seeker and now works for Bounce as a Trainer. Amanda talks passionately about how Bounce really did change her life!

Episode 10: Self-care with Karla

Guest: Karla Gilbert, Health Coach and Former Iron Woman | Interviewer: Maria Smith | Time: 31 minutes

With self-care being an important focus for us, Maria speaks with the amazing Karla Gilbert, OAM who is a Nutrition and Health Coach and former iron-woman and paddle boarding champion. Maria and Karla talk about how to prioritise the wellness dimension of physical health and how to work towards a healthier lifestyle. Karla talks passionately about her personalised approach to health coaching and how she does things differently to help people achieve great outcomes.

Episode 11: Soul Coach

Guest: Trevor Hendy, former champion Ironman and OAM | Interviewer: Maria Smith | Time: 39 minutes

As we roll on through self-care month, Maria sits down with the incredible Trevor Hendy, former champion Ironman and OAM, to talk about how we get balance in our spiritual and emotional self. Trevor describes himself as a Soul Coach, helping people explore their abilities and find their passion all while leaving behind unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and memories. Trevor talks passionately with Maria about how limiting thoughts and heavy energy hold us back. His powerful take-home message is this “This isn’t happening to me, it’s happening for me.” It will give you all the power back.

Episode 12: Long and Strong: Champion Mindset

Guest: Samantha Riley, former Australian swimming champion | Interviewer: Maria Smith | Time: 41 minutes

Mindset is a powerful thing. In this self-care series podcast, Maria sits down with former Australian swimming champion, Samantha Riley to talk about how mindset, emotional intelligence and motivation helped her achieve amazing things in the pool. It’s a powerful conversation that shows how much can be achieved when you believe in yourself.

Episode 13: Resilience: The Key To A Healthy Mind

Guest: John Mendoza, Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Expert | Interviewer: Maria Smith | Time: 37 minutes

In this very special COVID-19 podcast, Maria speaks with John Mendoza who is a mental health and suicide prevention expert about the importance of resilience during times of uncertainty. John shares his powerful insights as to what we need to do and how we need to think to get through the current situation and beyond.

Episode 14: The Loudest Voice

Guest: Michael Upson, Bounce USA Trainer| Interviewer: Maria Smith | Time: 63 minutes

Maria talks with Bounce USA Trainer Michael Upson about his personal experiences with racism, how we can ‘get comfortable with being uncomfortable’ and understand what it takes to become an ally in defeating racial inequality. It’s powerful. It’s educational. And it’s so relevant right now!

Episode 15: Learn Your Way

Guest: Lisa Abbott, General Manager Education & Training | Interviewer: Maria Smith | Time: 22 minutes

Maria is excited to announce a brand new partnership between Bounce and genU Training. In this episode, she talks with Lisa Abbott who it the General Manager of Education and Training at genU Training about how they are taking an exciting and innovative approach to student support and development through the Bounce Program Online. 

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