Harness the power of motivation with this free one hour webinar

Explore different levels of motivation and why some people have bucket-loads of it and others seem to have next-to-none. You’ll get some great insights on how powerful motivation can be and how to boost it for yourself and others.

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Harness the Power of Motivation

In this one hour free webinar, Bounce Australia CEO & Founder Maria Smith will help you explore different levels of motivation and understand why some people are able to get themselves up and going, while others are happy to sit in bed for a whole day streaming Netflix, without a care in the world.

What is Motivation?

Understand where motivation comes from and how levels vary so much from person to person.

Practical tools

Walk away with real techniques you can use every day to build an impactful connection from day one.

Real world examples

Connect with the content through relatable examples and case studies.

Downloadable content

Get post-webinar content and activities to better understand yourself.

Mindset & Behaviour Change

How we think, influences what we do. Harness these two things, then you can change the world.

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