Rapport Builder Masterclass

Techniques for Fast Digital Engagement with Your Clients

An insightful, instructional one-hour webinar that will help you build rapport, engage and elegantly influence FAST! No waiting or blocking out calendar time, just grab the link and start watching – at a time that suits YOU.

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Do you need to contact your clients over the phone or online to:

Arrange an appointment or review their progress?


Gather information about job placements?

Provide post-placement support?


Chase up missed appointments?

How would you rate your phone calls with your clients right now? Easy and enjoyable? Or hard and de-energising?

If you’re not getting the results you’d like with your clients over the phone, rapport is where you need to start.  

Whenever you interact with your clients, you need to be in rapport with them.

If you’re not in rapport, you’ll struggle to engage. It doesn’t matter if your contact is over the phone, via email or in person, if you don’t have a genuine connection with your clients you won’t get great outcomes with them.

When you’re in rapport with your clients, you will have their trust, they will make regular contact with you, and they will be open to your feedback and suggestions.

By making them feel comfortable and relaxed, they’ll trust you to help them through their employment journey.

Learn to Communicate in the digital world effectively.

Interacting with and supporting clients in a digital space is not as easy as it is when you’re face-to-face, but with the right skills, it can be just as effective.

The Rapport Builder Masterclass has been specifically designed to give you all the essential skills you need to connect with your clients using a range of different digital communication methods, like over the phone, via email and SMS.

If your clients don’t call you back or answer your emails, this Masterclass will show you exactly what you need to do differently.

You’ll learn how to:


Use the 3 C’s of Engagement & Trust – the key to building great rapport with anyone


Prepare yourself – excellent service delivery is all about having a rock-solid plan


Use the PEARLS Method for when you need to have hard conversations


Enter your client’s world and see things from their perspective so you can create understanding and trust


Communicate your message elegantly and effortlessly, every time


Moderate your tone of voice and breathing to influence how well a conversation goes


‘Listen in’ and avoid ineffective listening patterns


De-escalate in real-time and increase client co-operation while remaining calm


Reframe the way you think about your role as an employment consultant and be the ‘wellbeing coach’ your clients need right now. 

Special Bonus

Purchase now and we’ll give you a great head-start on your rapport-building journey! You’ll receive three expertly-crafted scripts that you can send in an EMAIL, SMS or PHONE message to your clients that will get them responding to you straight away.

We’ll show you exactly how to use these scripts to get the BEST outcomes.

Here’s what people have said about this Masterclass:


“The information was SO relevant to me at this time.”
– A. Morris


“Thanks guys, I picked up some great tips to engage with my clients.”
– M. Bellamy


“I really love the PEARL method. It’s so useful”
– M.Watkins


“The content and delivery were relevant and up-to-date. Very friendly delivery and inclusive.”
– M. Hartrick


“It was informative and gave a different perspective on how to case-manage”
– K. Wright

What’s included:

One-hour Masterclass, co-facilitated by Bounce CEO & Founder Maria Smith and National Business Manager Matthew Luttrell


Q&A opportunity – Send us a question, and we’ll send you a response fast!

Downloadable tools you can use straight away


Scripts you can use to engage with your clients over the phone and email. 

About the Presenters:


Way Finder, Thought Leader, Rule Breaker

Maria has been delivering soft-skills, employability skills and job readiness training to the long-term unemployed, as well as professional development to consultants and leaders within employment services sector in Australia and internationally since 2006.

Maria is passionate. Her mission is to ignite human potential and help people find what it is that gets them excited to live every day.


Potential Seer, Bookings Influencer, Smooth Talker

Matt is the National Business Manager at Bounce and is one of the driving forces behind our job seeker training programs with our RTO partners. With over 15 years’ experience in employment services, Matt’s creative ideas around employment strategies and his commitment to helping people reach their full potential makes him one of the most influential people in the industry. 

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