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We’ve spent years developing some of the best scientifically-backed, expertly-executed training in soft skills and here is where you can experience exactly what makes Bounce training, the best training!

The Bounce Approach

Bounce is all about tailoring content to address the needs of the individual and organisation. The Bounce Approach is a multi-dimensional framework, centred around the employee experinece. At its heart, is the fundamental belief that every person can be successfully employed. But to succeed in the workforce requires knowledge, support and continual improvement. This is where our unique, evidence-based methodology, comes in!

Bounce uses a ‘coaching approach’ rather than a ‘teaching approach’, bringing together the five pillars of positive psychology, behavioural economic insights and nudging in a ground-break behaviour change programs that allow people to thrive. 



There’s no such thing as one size fits all, that’s why we work with you to create something that suits your exact needs.

Scientifically Backed

Our content is based on scientific studies and research; making sure you get the most accurate and up to date information.

Proven Results

Our programs are tried and tested and our stats are through the roof! We know we can help you get the results you need.

Inpiring & Exciting

We don’t do ‘boring’, we just don’t know how. All our programs are interactive, experiential and exciting to be a part of!

It’s seriously clever stuff!

Help for your Job Seekers

When Bounce Australia began, job seekers were at the heart of our business. And they still are today. We created programs designed to get even the most disengaged job seekers excited about their futures and we’ve experienced next-level success with our participants. If you’re looking for a solution to frustration, disconnection, challenging behaviour or just plain old monotony, send your job seekers our way.

Our partnership with RTO provider Jesuit Community College in Victoria mean that your job seekers can easily access one of our accredited training programs.

The Bounce Program Online

In this fast-changing world, we have to adapt our delivery methods to make training more accessible to people everywhere.

We know job seekers are more tech-savvy than ever, and there are so many different ways they’re accessing training and education. They’re connected and engaged in the digital world, and they’re ready for unique ways to learn.


Certificate I

22476VIC Certificate I in General Education for Adults (Introductory) (VIC)

The outcomes of the 22476VIC Certificate I in General Education for Adults (Introductory) focuses on the development of literacy skills to create and interpret simple, personally relevant texts and mathematical knowledge to apply numeracy skills in everyday familiar situations. Skills and knowledge are applied to develop and document a learning plan, prepare a portfolio to evidence learning and engaging in a project. The language, literacy and numeracy outcomes of this qualification align to level 2 of the Australian Core Skills Framework.


Bounce Soft Skills

A fresh perspective on Soft Skills training

Adaptable, empowering and super effective, this non-accredited program is the whole box and dice when it comes to Soft Skills. The Bounce Soft Skills Program combines group classes and one-on-one mentoring sessions with the trainer, so your job seekers can get the clarity they need to live their best life!
Fully adaptable to to meet your needs, we can create a program structure that suits your budget, time frame and desired learning outcomes.


Certificate II

FSK20113 Certificate II in Skills for Work & Vocational Pathways (VIC)

FSK20113 – Certificate II in Skills for Work & Vocational Pathways, is designed for individuals who require further foundation skills development to prepare for workforce entry or vocational training pathways. This partial qualification provides the learner with a pathway to employment and or vocational training; reading, writing, numeracy, oral communication and learning skills at Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) Level 3; entry level digital technology and employability skills; and, vocational training and employment plan.

Did we mention results?

The Bounce methodology puts a new spin on education and inspires people to ask different questions about their lives. Because it doesn’t conform to standard job training, the results are phenomenal. Take a look at the stats!


Job Seekers who started a Bounce program completed it


Job Seekers that were interviewed after a Bounce program who had got a job


Would recommend the program to others

Help for Consultants

As an employment consultant, your job is pretty challenging. The environment you work in is constantly changing, the goal posts are always shifting and you need to manage competing priorities for your employer and provide high level support for your job seekers. We get it.

So we’ve created a range of training and professional development solutions just for you. Find out more about them here.


Reverse Marketing

Learn the best techniques for happy and long lasting outcomes through solid communication and planning

Job Seeker Engagement

Build rapport, influence and trust to develop your client relationships into something incredible

Customer Service

Gain a better understanding of who your customer is, what drives them and how to become the gold star provider


Building Employer Engagement

Grow your pool of potential employers and effectively connect and support your network to ensure it stays fresh and plentiful

Post Placement Support

Achieve sustainable placements, maximise outcome fees, and build performance ratings

Stress and Resilience

Get your stress levels under control and build resilience in everyday aggravations

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Explore what it means to be emotionally intelligent and how to hone your skills, turning it into a fine art


Time Management

Manage your time and make quick decisions on what’s important and what’s not to get the most out of your day

Managing Challenging Behaviours

Understand and deal with the challenges of a modern-day client centred Employment Service Framework


Become an Effective Mentor

Get skills to understand the role of a mentor and provide tools to enhance engagement with your clients

Finding Purpose

Delve into your values, how they align with your role and how they can positively impact both your work and personal life

Private Coaching

Gain personal and professional insights through one-on-one coaching with a Bounce Coach

Help for Team Leaders

Getting the best out of your team is what gets us really excited. Whether it’s developing leaders, managing performance, providing support through times of change or strategic planning Bounce has the solution. Offering an exceptional array of training, we can take your business from good to great and strengthen those foundations so you can grow.

We love training teams. We can bring our best trainers to you and deliver our seriously clever programs.


Managing Vs Leading

Learn the difference between leading and managing to motivate and guide your consultants


Strength Profiling

We introduce strengths to your team which includes an online assessment and a debrief session to help interpret the results.

Improving Team Productivity

Learn how your team works and what each person does best to create unique and productive workplace strategies


Leading through Change

Become the leader that embraces change and creates team investment, turning resistance into excitement

Presenting with Passion

Develop loyal customers, strong partnerships and positive influence by learning the three key points of presenting with passion

Confidence Building

Assess your current confidence levels, learn strategies to create confidence, build on strengths, and become more self-assured


Strategic Planning

Get a clear plan for the future and create goals that make sure you and your team get there – fast!

Influential Leadership

Delve into the deeper side of communication, looking at strategies to develop highly functional and productive teams.

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